Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Price of A Southerner in California

I have lived in California since 1980.  You would think that in all that time I would have learned the differences that make California folks ..... well, different.

For instance.  Our neighbor just had a new baby.  So, being the good Southern raised gal that I am (or can be when I am in the mood) I turned on the oven to make a cupcakes, a potato casserole and a slaw salad.  The whole nut and nut allergy thing is pretty easy to work around.

I stopped short of providing ham or fried chicken because this IS California and you never know.

You never know if the folks are vegetarian and if so, are they vegan, laco-ovo or pescatarian.

You never know if they are not eaters of milk products.  Do they eat cheese?  Are they opposed to sour cream?

You never know if they have children do they allow their kids to have cake?  Or frosting? 

Are they on board with the whole gluten free thing (whatever that is)?

Will they be disgusted because there is butter on the potatoes? 

So now I have a kitchen full of food and I am second guessing taking it down the street.

Life for a Southern Gal gets harder by the year.

I will just have a cupcake and call it good.

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