Friday, March 6, 2015

Legalized Crazy

I consider myself fairly tolerant of others and the habits of others.  Whatever you decide to do is OK by me as long as you leave me out of your drama and don't hurt anyone else. 

But my conservative side is coming out when it comes to "legal" marijuana.  I know that legal or not, most people smoke it.  So I am around people who are "high" most of the time.  Grocery store, gas station, Costco, etc.  I get it.

I lived through the 60s and 70s.   I know for a fact that I am not as tolerant of pot heads anymore.  To be fair, I am also not as tolerant of drunks and stupid people either. 

Does legalizing the stuff mean that anyone can get it anywhere?  Does it mean that they now have a test of some kind that shows the level of your highness (?) or impairment when you are behind the wheel or teaching kids?

In an age when the government wants to dictate so much I find it interesting that marijuana is treated like the holy grail.  You can't have a 32 oz soda, but you can have a joint.  Fighting obesity is all the craze in this country.  So how do you suppose they are going to take care of the "munchies"?  Probably another ban on ding dongs or a twinkie tax.

 Does it mean that in a few years we are going to put "pot heads" who cannot hold a job because they are loaded all the time on Social Security Disability payments like we do drunks.  Will you be able to get it with food stamps?  Will smoking pot be a disease?  What will they call it?  Potaholism? Weedabetic? 

How long before there are multi million dollar lawsuits against a somebody because they did not disclose to the unsuspecting smoker that there might be a down side to smoking weed regularly.

Will employers have to provide reasonable accommodation for pot smoke breaks?  Will there have to be a separate area for pot smokers since the smoke is not supposed to be as toxic as cigarettes?  Will you be able to smoke it in public areas?   Will it be legal to smoke it in the car with your kids in the car?

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