Thursday, February 5, 2015

Outrage. Or Not

I do not understand.

I am deeply saddened and sickened by the murder of the Jordanian fighter pilot.  He was shot down and was a prisoner of war.  The world is outraged by his murder, as well they should be.  I guess the terrorists have done enough finally.  They have finally crossed the line.  For today anyway.

Where was the outrage for the journalists, non combatants, that were beheaded?  Was that not gruesome enough?  I guess we have taught the terrorists that their atrocities have to increase exponentially in horror to get the attention they want.

Are we really so used to seeing violence and horror that we just look the other way unless it is something 'new'.  Have we forgotten that people have been burned to death in the past?  Have we forgotten that beheading was the method of execution in the past?  Have we forgotten the gladiators, the Christians and the lions, public hangings, the Salem killings, the death camps and mass genocides of the past?  I do not understand why we love to repeat the past; not the good things of the past, but the most destructive things.  Heck, it looks like we even want to bring measles back. 

We are horrified when a brutal psychopathic killer is given a lethal injection, but public acts of brutality have no effect.  

The outrage will pass I am sure, and the brutality will get worse.  Will we never learn?

How very sad.

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