Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Who Cares

I must be the only person on the planet who is not upset about the supposed, possible and now not happening decision by Sony not to show the movie about the assassination of a world leader.

I get all the hoopla about the first amendment, not letting terrorists win (whatever that means), blah blah blah.  I think that argument is a bunch of hooey.

I think this was all a publicity stunt.  I don't think the movie was getting the buzz that Sony wanted so they invented a controversy.  I also think it back fired on them when the threats to the movie theaters were announced.  After what has happened in a movie theaters in the past (Moscow, Colorado) I cannot imagine that anyone was surprised.

And if it was not a publicity stunt, holy cow what a ridiculous premise for a movie.  I don't think assignation is funny.  Political satire my butt.  Movies are about making money.

People are getting killed all the time and it is not exactly funny.  Threats are made to world leaders all the time and it is not funny.  People are hopping over the fence at the white house and that is not funny.  (well, maybe it is a little funny......).  Beheadings, slaughter of school children, bombs in cities, arson, riots, funerals of kids and cops; I do not believe that the situation in the world today is funny at all.  

I think Hollywood should wake the heck up.  In my opinion, it is the height of poor taste and poor planning to create a movie (comedy or not) that is about the assassination of a world leader.  I thought Hollywood in general was the all-knowing, all-tolerant, all-accepting and all-politically correct group that sees themselves like Moses leading the ill informed and uneducated American population into the promised land.

 In today's climate how stupid can you be.  What rock are you under if you are not aware that times are tenuous at best and dangerous at worst.  It shows me once again how out of touch the movie makers are.  Out of touch?  Or arrogant and self absorbed?  Show the movie, don't show the movie, be outraged, hold up a sign, who cares.  I think that is my message

Who Cares?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Every Year?

I think Christmas comes around way too quickly, requires too much work, follows Thanksgiving too closely and lingers far too long into the New Year.

It seems like I don't even get the Thanksgiving marathon of cooking, dishes and leftovers out of the way until I am working on Christmas.  Then you blink and you are having a New Year's celebration.

You can't mess with Thanksgiving or New Year's  because that would foul up the whole football season and the bowl games. 

Wouldn't it  be better to delay Christmas officially?

I really think Christmas could be put on leap year. 

It makes perfect sense.  It could still be on December 25.  The leap year has an extra day anyway.  You would have three years to shop and pay off  Christmas bills.  You would have three years to vacuum the pine needles and glitter out of the carpet.  Your kids would be good a sick of their toys.  Think how different the photos would be.  You would have three years to loose the weight you gain during the holiday season.  People would not be tempted to stick out a bad relationship just to get through the holiday season.   You would only have to put up with Christmas stuff out in the stores starting in Halloween every fourth year.  You might potentially miss a couple of ill-matched or annoying short-term relatives, you know, the ones that only last a year or two.   Even the Macy's parade could probably use the extra time.

 I like it.  When I am Queen Christmas will only happen every four years.  Like a presidential election.......look how well that is working out.