Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Wonder About Things

I wonder about so many things.  Especially now that I am older and find I need to make more and more accomodations for myself.

I am wondering about a pocket catheter.  Sounds fastinating don't you think?   And handy in a weird sort of way.  I wonder when I am out and about just who has a catheter in their pocket.

I get a kick out of the adult diaper commercial that insists they are just another kind of underwear.....oh right!  I suppose next a colostomy bag will be just another form of toilet?  I wonder who is wearing a diaper now.

I wonder about fiber.  Remember Yule Gibbons?  He ate pine cones and they called him crazy.  Now it is all about the fiber, and everything with fiber tastes like a pine cone.  It reminds me of when kids put XLax in cookies as a "joke".  You never know when fiber has been stashed in some unassuming kind of cookie and WHAM, it hits you.  Of course I must admit I have never had ONE of anything in my entire life, so that could be part of the issue.
I saw a thing on TV about Risperdal.  They were talking about boys growing female breasts.  Now, I am wondering how that can happen.  If a boy grows breasts, are they female?  I wonder about that.

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