Monday, November 24, 2014

I Miss the Plastic Shopping Bags

Let me say that I am all for recycling, reusing, reducing waste and all that.  I live in an area that has decided the plastic and paper shopping bags from stores are a great threat to humanity, so everyone has to take their own bags with them to the store.

I have many, many reusable bags that I have purchased every time I have gone to any store since the whole reusable bag thing started.  Before it became law you got the stink eye from other shoppers if you deigned to enter a store without a reusable bag.  Peer pressure at its best. 

I probably have 20 of those reusable bags of various kinds that live in the car.  I would love to tell you that remember to actually take them in the store but that is why I have so many.  I never remember to take them in the store.

So I decided that for the next 30 days, at least, I am not going to purchase any more bags of any kind.   I am loading all the junk I buy back into the cart and loading it into the bags when I get to the car.   I figure that maybe if I make it ridiculously inconvenient everytime I shop I might remember the silly things.  I have done everything but tie them around my neck when I leave the house.....that is next.  So until I remember to take my reusable bags, dog hair and all, into the store I am going to try to come up with tricks to see if I can learn to take them in the store with me.  I will surely keep you posted.

I also realized this week that the unthinkable has happened.  I am actually out of plastic shopping bags that I used to get when I shopped.  I have one or two or those hanging things that you cram them into so you can re-use them.  I used them in small trash cans, to pick up dog poop, to wrap up after a diaper change (my grandkids, not mine) and various other little jobs.  I thought that was recycling.  But now that I am out of the bags that would normally be in their second or third use I had to purchase a box of small trash bags to line the small trash cans in the house.

Now how much sense does that make?  I totally get it that people throw trash in the landfull, that plastic bags are the bane of our existance, but now I a buying them to throw them away.

Seems like someone did not think this program through.  Now single use plastic bags will fill the land fill rather than bags that have gone through many incarnations and had a fully useful life.

I just cannot figure things out sometimes.

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  1. I know it makes no sense! I try to just keep the bags in the car all the time. As soon as I unload them they go on the back door knob so I won't forget. But it has taken a while to get the habit going, and now I rarely forget. I also use the plastic ones around the house for things, and I recycle them when I'm done with them. It's like straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. There is no common sense applied anymore:-)


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