Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's not ALL awful

So here is the post where I say positive things:

I bit the bullet and got a Roomba.  It's one of those robot vacuum things.  It is wonderful!  I have three dogs and this think goes under the bed, under most of the furniture, into corners, under the toe kick, from the floor to the carpet, up on the throw rug and it is amazing.  I named mine Ruby.  Yes, you have to clean it out after every use, but it's a breeze compared to some other vacuums I've had.  It's amazing.  I always said I'd vacuum more when they made a riding one -- well, this is better than that.  Charge it up, put it in the room, turn it on and walk away.  If it gets stuck it will tell you, and if you don't hear it, it just turns itself off.  Amazing.  Oh, and the dogs don't chase it.

I have been working with shelter dogs and it's the most fun I've had in years and years.  I am loving it.  After dealing with employees, managers, peers, superiors, and all those people it is refreshing to interact with a dog where everything is cause and effect.  So easy.  So rewarding.

We haven't had an earthquake here on the left coast, and the tsunami's were 2 feet.  Great for surfers.

Spring is here, and I don't see any rain in the extended forecast.

Gorham and Eames are back on Law and Order CI. 

I have wonderful family and great friends, Dish network and a reliable wifi.  Life just doesn't get any better than that!


  1. My son loves his Roomba, too. I'm not sure how our two cats would react, though!

  2. Hi GrannySue, I have just discovered your comment on my Embroidered Peacocks blog; I don't go there very much! Only if I have another peacock to post about. Thanks for visiting - I am enjoying your blog, and chuckling over the previous post! Agree with it too..I'll be back soon. Love your stitching, by the way.


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