Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April Already

I know, I know, I haven't blogged in ages. 

It has been an interesting and difficult three and a half months.  Death, dieting and taxes, what more can I say.  And winter that lasts and lasts.    I wonder if the earthquake in Japan really has tilted the earth and changed the weather.

And I'm so annoyed lately that I feel bad about writing anything.   What is annoying me you ask:

Who gives a rip about another 'royal' wedding.  For goodness sake, I have actually heard people talking about staying up to watch it and having parties.  I guess it's like the superbowl for some folks.  It amazes me.  If you care, no offense meant, I just don't get it.

On what planet are all these politicians living.  It makes me crazy.  Especially since I am writing a check to the IRS and an even bigger check to the state of california.   I am the last person on earth who would ever living in california, so every time I think about it it makes mad.  Guess I must stop thinking about it.

I have no sympathy for the teacher's union.  Not because I think they are bad people or that they don't deserve to earn a decent wage, but because grammar and word usage have really taken a nose-dive.  What is the problem that people don't know the difference between 'then' and 'than'; 'gone' and 'went'; 'take' and 'bring'; 'would of' instead of 'would've' (that one really, really bugs me).  I know that math and science are important, but what about communication!?!?!??!

Movies -- oh my word has no one a new and creative thought?  They have remade many already done-to-death stories; Alice in Wonderland, Arthur, Little Red Riding Hood, the list is endless. 

Why does New York think that they are the center of culture and all things brilliant in the United States.  (Check out the remarks of officials when they didn't get one of the decommissioned Space Shuttles)

Why do people make a shrine out of places where a tragedy happens.  I don't get it:  Plastic flowers, candles, balloons, signs and pictures; what is the point?

I finally got annoyed enough at my Pfaltzgraff dishes (they are not smooth and make that awful sound when you scrape flatware against them) that I packed them up and delivered them to Goodwill.  Don't know why after all these years of using them every day they started to bug me, but they did.

And the bicyclers are back -- don't get me started.

That's about it.  As an act of self-discipline and making up for this post my next post should be some positive things that have happened.   Unless, of course, more things annoy me!

Thanks for indulging me.

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  1. I hope you feel better after venting! Death, dieting, and taxes can set anybody off! I'm surprised you don't have a lot of comments asking WHICH Goodwill has your Pfaltzgraff! Take care!


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