Friday, March 4, 2011

Recent Projects

Rain again today so I thought I'd share some of the projects I've been doing recently.  Most of it goes to the church ladies for their craft sale.  I enjoy doing it and need the practice so it's a win-win for everyone.

It's interesting that when I go to craft and fabric stores I begin to think that hand embroidery is becoming a dying hobby what with all the machine embroidery.  One of my local stores is no longer carrying DMC thread but a brand called "Sullivan".  I'm not sure about it so far, but I did get some for an apron project.  I usually order on-line but sometimes it's fun to go into an actual needlework store.  Perhaps machine embroidery will take over hand embroidery, but then again knitting has made a come-back so who knows.  Quilting is so big, but I just can't face sitting in front of a sewing machine for hours on end, and all that measuring and cutting and pinning -- I don't even do 'counted' projects - I prefer the stamped stuff because it's a little more mindless.

I've got other projects that I'm doing, but most of what I've been working on are flour sack tea towels.  They supply the towels and I put on the design.

Otherwise, I get something on sale and finish it.  It's hard to know what to do with all the projects.  I'd probably do more interesting and challenging projects if I knew what to do with them.

I am trying to learn a technique called Brazilian embroidery and am finding that I'm not too good at it.  But, it IS beautiful and I love the shiny rayon thread.  It's different to work with and I don't yet have the hang of it.

I had some variegated thread I wanted to use so I did two of this design.

Found this pillow kit on sale so I got it in two colors.  It works up quickly.
Another sale item that worked up fairly quickly.  I wanted to use a new lap thing so I did this scene.  Now to frame it.

I'm currently working on a a cross stitch lap quilt top.  Now I have no idea how to finish the quilt top, but what the heck......one step at a time.

Thanks for visiting.  

Hope Spring is on the way where you are.  


  1. My goodness, you HAVE been busy! I really enjoyed seeing all your embroidery projects. I remember learning to embroider dish towels with the days of the week on them. I wonder if my mom still has any of them? Your pillow is gorgeous, too. When my mom was my Brownie leader, we all learned to make designs on huck towels -- remember those? I have a few of those in my collection. You make me want to pull our my DMC collection!

  2. Your embroidery is very neat and elegant..love the work on cushion..

  3. Your embroidery is beautiful! I love the Basil piece especially.

  4. Grannysue, thanks for visiting my blog and addingthe comment about cod liver oil. I can't try it yet, as we've promised the vet to not feed anything but the z/d diet for at least six weeks.

    I love the crafts you've shown here. Especially the scene at the end.


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