Thursday, December 9, 2010

What IS IT with December

I think that gremlins hide among my Christmas decorations and come out when I start flipping the house to December decorations.

I never seem to get the house to come together; appliances (like our heater) break;  no repairman is available; I burn food, lampshades, shelves and anything else within 10 feet of a candle; the dogs throw up on the carpet; a bird flies into a window and cracks it; dishes break spontaneously, those wierd "idiot lights" on the car come on and off at random, and; I catch a cold.

No wonder the holiday season tends to be so stressful.

And, still, we love the season and everything about it. 

All seems right with the world because the Salvation Army bell rings at the grocery store; the tackiest of decorations make me smile; the excitement of the kids is contageous; the beauty of the human spirit is everywhere; cards and letters arrive in the mail from those we only hear from once a year;  Christmas sweaters, vests, T-shirts, sweatshirts and sox become fasionable; the smell of baked goods is in the air; the perfect gift for somesone catches our eye and is on sale; the search for tape and scissors happens on a daily basis; Christmas music plays everywhere and we sing along; we give of ourselves in a way we may not during any other time of the year,and; for a brief time (which can seem like an eternity) although the pace can be hectic, everyone seems to slow down a bit and take time for friends, family and total strangers. 

Happy Everything, to Everyone.

Thanks for visiting and indulging my sappy side.


  1. Beautiful post! These are great sentiments...and sooo true! I love how you put this into words. Great thoughts!

  2. That was beautiful, and so true! Merry Christmas! big hugs

  3. A lovely reminder to keep our focus on the things that matter! May your heart be peaceful as you prepare for Christmas!

  4. What a great message -- yes, "The most Wonderful Time of the Year"...is also the most stressful! And it can seem that just one more thing will put you over the edge. Slowing down and enjoying the little pleasures is certainly a welcome message. Thanks for your sweet visit.

  5. Such a nice post -- funny, touching, and all so very true! Stopping by to wish you and yours a wonderful new year filled with abundance, joy, and treasured moments!

    Warmest regards,


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