Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ah November already

Here we are hitting the Holiday Season in full force.  I have flipped the house from Halloween to Thanksgiving.  I got inspired to set the table for six today to practice for "the dinner".  Guess I should plan dinner (I'm thinking meatloaf)-- or not!

I used a vintage tablecloth (inspired by The Little Round Table);
the little leave things are supposed to be place card holders that you stick in a pumpkin;
the dishes are Chateau pattern from Sango;
just plain wine and water glasses; and,
Francis 1 which will get a lot of use in the next weeks.


  1. Oh, this is lovely!! That vintage tablecloth is perfect! Love your china and of course your silver. That silver pitcher is gorgeous!! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thanks for such a nice comment. You made my day! Your table settings are really nice. I also wanted to compliment your beautiful hankies with the crocheted edges.from a few posts back. Love them!


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