Friday, September 3, 2010

All Those Embroidery Projects

I really enjoy needlework, embroidery in particular.  I'm by no means an expert at it, but I do enjoy it.  One of the problems is what to do with all the "stuff", handkerchiefs, tea towels, luncheon napkins, etc. that my friends and relatives are sick of receiving.  Admittedly, hand embroidery is somewhat out of fashion these days with all the beautiful and perfect machine stuff out there.

My MIL does crafts for her church to sell in their Christmas time bazaar so I decided that would be a great place for me to send some of the things I have done.   

Since I follow a couple of stitchery blogs I have been wanting to post some of my work, mostly to get advice, tips and constructive criticism.  There are some incredibly talents stitchers out there. 

These are a trio of handkerchiefs I finished off with a crochet edging. 

They were a good way to get back into the swing of things. 

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you have a great Holiday Weekend. 


  1. Your work is beautiful and I can't imagine friends and family becoming sick of them! The fact that hand embroidery is out of fashion (and I'm not so sure about that), makes it more probably that it will become more rare and precious. Annie

  2. Beautiful work...those would make great napkins.

  3. Hi Sue~
    Thanks for popping into my blog today! Wow, your stitchery is terrific! I don't think there's a bit of advice I (or anyone) could give you, your hankies are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!

    But I don't think hand embroidery is out of fashion AT ALL, in fact, I think it's enjoying quite a renaissance! There are SO many young men & women making their mark with a needle & thread these days, it's amazing! They're doing the traditional things, but they're also making mind blowing art and really interesting textiles with embroidery. I'm more & more inspired every day!

    If you ever have a moment to do some browsing, check this link.


    Flickr is a photosharing network, and this group is comprised of embroiderers from all around the world, fresh pictures are added daily. Anyone can join the group too, I know that I for one would LOVE to see your work there as well!

    Have a wonderful weekend darling!

  4. Hello Sue,
    thank you for smy blog and n your kind words..
    in India hand embroidery is still in vogue people are die for it..we mostly work them on our sarees and dresses..since it requires lot of time most of the busy people get it done with karigars or just buy them..
    your embroidery is just beautiful..and you have very nice collection of glasswares..visual feast!!..

  5. Wow!! Sue,lovely piece of work on the hankies.And the finishing is absolutely lovely.
    Deepa from India.

  6. Your embroidery is gorgeous. I showed your work to my hubby - he was impressed. He said that he didn't think he could do that - only cross-stitch.

  7. Sue, those are just beautiful. I enjoy seeing what you have to share in your posts. Love your tablescapes. That's something I need to pay more attention to. Have an enjoyable weekend, Connie


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