Friday, August 20, 2010

Housework Is Always There

I have noticed there are several blogs that I follow lately that talk about housework.  I'm guessing it's due to school starting and fall coming upon us.  The never ending chores.  I have always been taught that if your house isn't getting cleaner, it's getting dirtier.  Such a burden. 

When I retired a couple of years ago I felt guilty having someone come in and clean.  I mean, really, what the heck else am I doing?  Anyone else suffer that.   Well, I now have a little grandgirl that I keep for a few hours twice a week so my SIL can finish his degree.  I love it, but whew is it time consuming (I guess that's the point isn't it) 

All of a sudden I began to feel that all I did was clean toilets, vacuum, dust, do dishes, mop and do laundry.    Then I thought of all those Mom's out there, and I just don't know how they do it.  And believe me, I am NOT a clean freak.  I have no problem going to bed with dishes in the sink and clutter in the family room.

I try every new gadget and cleaning thing that comes along.  The swiffer dusters, pet hair removers, the shark steamer (which I do love), the "automatic" shower sprayer thing, toilet gel things, different mops and mop heads, even the ShamWow.  None of it really makes alot of difference, it is still housework, and it is really no less work, no matter how many gadgets you use.  And by the time you try them all, you've spent a small fortune.

So about 2 months ago perfect husband 'put his foot down' (ha ha ha) and now I have a service.  It is a little expensive to me, but rather than having one person that I have to employ and instruct that comes for 8 hours or so, there are 4 gals who come in with their own supplies (including their own vacuum) and they are here for about 2 hours.  They change the sheets and do whatever dishes are in the sink and clean blinds and baseboards, toilets, tubs, etc.  They will even clean the fridge if I call their boss and ask her. 

I still vacuum as needed, take care of the laundry and fight pet hair continually.  After all, I have three dogs and I am a continual mess-maker.  But I do feel less pressure, I feel like the house is "ready" and comfortable for drop-in visitors. 

I know times are tight and things are difficult, but if you can even afford it once a month I highly recommend it.  It frees you up to lighten up and enjoy your home.   More time for your family, your projects, and you.  I think perhaps there should be a government assistance program for it (I'm kidding of course, sort of).

I have no other tips or hints to make it easier or more enjoyable, and I don't have any clever gadget to recommend although if I run across one I'll let ya know.

Happy Friday.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful weekend and try not to clean anything for at least 12 hours!!

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  1. Oh how nice that you have help. Sometimes it is just necessary. Enjoy it. Hugs, Marty


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