Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where do I keep all those dishes

I am joining the party over at The Tablescaper for her party "where do you keep it all".  Congratulations to her on her blogavesary.  There are some wonderful storage photos there, so be sure to check them out.    And thanks for forcing me to really take a look at where and how my things are stored.  I have alot of work to do!

It wasn't until I started taking photos that I realized that I have dishes and glassware all over the house - or at least downstairs.  I try to keep things available so I can see it because I will use it if I see it.  Otherwise, I might go years without ever taking it out.  So, here is where I keep it.
First the kitchen:

Everyday dishes

Everyday Wine Glasses (looks like we drink alot doesn't it!)

More everyday glassware

 More everyday glassware and coffee cups.

Then there is the dining room:

This is a little side server that holds serving platters and serving bowls.

And the hutch that holds the Fostoria and some china for large family holidays - pay no attention to the pink t shirt in the photo.

And a very small corner hutch (i'd love to have a larger one) that is kind of a mess (good thing the photo is blurry) where I keep most of the little pieces of silver.

And in the living room:

There is an old hutch that holds some more dishes, collectibles, tea cups and linens.

And in some built-ins below some open shelving.

And then there is the entry cabinet.

And several cabinets in the utility room

The Blue cabinet

More blue and some clear and pewter

The set of Sango that I recently unpacked.

and finally, the bedroom closet

Tablecloths and napkins

Cups along the top of the closet, packed away in bins
And, of course, the Christmas dishes.

I didn't photograph the flatware that is in trays on the floor of the pantry, or the drawers of stainless, or the two silver chests.  Not sure why -- frankly, I forgot out them.  Oh, and the drawer that holds the table pads and everyday placemats.  It's interesting to me that the more I think about it, the more places I remember that have candles, tablecloths, etc., etc. 
I also have a few platters and some egg plates hanging on the wall, but I don't use those rarely.
Oh, and I forgot a have a few in the lower cabinets in the kitchen, but I can bear to post any more photos.

Until I started taking these photos and then working on getting them posted, I guess the reality just hadn't hit me.  For some reason, I found it a little depressing in an odd sort of way.  At least it might keep me from picking up any more for a while -- we will have to see.

On the other hand, it makes me want to get busy and use them even more.  We have having quite a bit of company this summer, so I am sure I'll get plenty of opporrtunities.  This was a very good exercise in what I need to get done!!! 

Thanks so much for visiting me, and be sure to check out the posts over at the blogaversary at The Tablescaper.  It made me feel a little better.


  1. Thank you so much Sue for joining in the party. You really have a lot of great placing for storing your stuff. I am totally in love with the light blue closet. I'm drooling.

    One of the things I love about blogging is that it makes me tablescape at least once a week. I love the stuff and am happy when I'm doing it, but sometimes you just need that extra push.

    I'm hosting a new weekly meme starting on Sunday called "SUmmer Sunday". It's all about what summer means to YOU. Maybe we could see some of your summer entertaining? Hope you'll join us.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Oooh my Granny Sue!

    What a splendiforously gracious peek you've allowed us to have into the treasures held within your many lovely cabinets and closets!.., Wow!.., Thanks so much for sharing!

    Along with my tea;(one of which is also held on a Wednesday as you know); I have also answered 'The Tablescaper's gracious invitation to partake, and what fun we're all having!~ What fabulous inspiration!

    Please also pop by when you get a moment and enjoy another 'cyber cup of afternoon tea and a treat!'..,

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  3. Oh Sue! Everything looks so beautiful! So wonderfully organized!! And that blue dish cabinet made me drool! Gorgeous!!

  4. We think alike! Every time I took a picture, I remembered that I had things stored somewhere else. It's nice to know I'm not alone in that respect.
    The blue closet is great-maybe I'll have to do something like that to keep me together! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Granny Sue, you are so organized and neat...I am jealous! I love your blue cabinet...gorgeous shade of blue. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello Sue!

    WOW! I don't believe anyone has more table linens than you do. You have soo many dishes and glassware, but my very favorite is your blue items. Please come join in the fun on any Blue Monday.


  7. That was so fun! I love seeing every nook and cranny where you store your tablescape items - even if you forgot some! You have a wonderful collection! Yes, isn't it good that The Tablescaper has inspired us to "clean out our drawers" and "set more tables"?!!


  8. Sue if you get rid of the hats you have room for some more!
    I feel the way you do about buying, until I see something I like!
    Great storage system you have!

  9. Thanks for sharing! It's almost like Christmas as we take a fresh look at what we have stashed away. I entirely agree with the idea of keeping it visible and used. If only it were so easy! :-)

  10. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I certainly have enjoyed visiting yours and seeing where you keep all your dishes.


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