Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simple Lunch with Tea

There are so many wonderful places to visit on Tuesday so I'm linking to a couple that I hope you will check out.  Sometimes I have trouble keeping them straight, so check out my sidebar where their are photos with links. 

Lady Katherine's Tea Parlor for Tea TimeTuesday
The Plumed Pen with Wanda Lee for Tuesday Tea for Two and Wednesday Tea for me and Thee

Nothing fancy with this tea.  I'm basically showing off my silver plated cream and sugar I got from Goodwill a while ago and finally polished.  The only real "flaw" is that someone obviously used the creamer for an ashtray -- don't you just hate that.  I haven't worked too hard yet to get the staining out of the bottom, but they sure polished up nice. 

I also washed and ironed a new cutwork cloth that I put on the table.  Here is a closeup of the cutwork.

I also used a couple of little tea napkins I picked up from a thrift store.

After cleaning up the roses from two days ago I moved them onto the table.

And, yes, they do smell wonderful.

Since the creamer is stained I used it for a couple of pieces of plated flatware from my collection.  One of my favorites is the fork that is monogrammed "Birdie".  

I like thinking about who she was and how much fun she must have been to have this pattern with her name on it.

And  a couple of cups in the same pattern, different color from Marshall's.  I didn't feel like hand-washing anything today.

And there you have it.  A few moments of quiet before my favorite little toddler shows up to spend the afternoon with me. 

Thanks so much for dropping by.  Maybe next time I'll be inspired to back something yummy, although I can't count on it 'cause I've been told my cholesterol is too high and my Dr. is sending me a pamphlet.  Guess if I eat the pamphlet it will lower my cholesterol.


  1. Lovely linens, lovely flatware, lovely flowers and lovely tea! And...what a sweetheart you are for sending that pretty teapot to Tam! It's just adorable!

  2. Sliver, china, linen and roses! What more could a girl ask for! Lovely! ~Maryjane

  3. I adore your lovely linens. The roses are giving off an aroma from the pretty close-up. Time for tea!

  4. It's all so beautiful! Very elegant..

  5. Your linens are beautiful. Don't you just love finding a nice bargain at the thrift store...your silver set polished up beautifully.

  6. Oh, your tea table is so elegant, with the vintage linens and silver! And I admire anyone who makes finger sandwiches -- I love them, but hate to make them! Thanks for visiting my table this week -- I think Peruvian lilies is another name for alstroemeria. I know Proflowers.com calls them that!

  7. Everything looks so lovely. Very inviting.


  8. Hello there lovely lady!

    (It took me forever to get here because I was not only exceedingly busy yet not well unfortunatly, still recovering from acute anemia;I do most sincerely apologize0!

    Your beautiful afternoon tea post takes my breathaway, it is just so lovely; thank you so much for partaking with last week's 'Tuesday Tea for Two'!~ It alwys means so very much!

    My those roses, the polished silver and the teapot are a veritable dream, a vision of loveliness; just so pretty and refreshingly beautiful with those dainty and yummy tea sandwiches!~ All I can say is a belated, yet resounding.., wow!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

    P.S.~ I hope you don't mind, yet I signed you up for an 'encore performance' so to speak, as I so wanted people to see this fabulous post yet once again!

  9. Hi: I love the silver, the tea cups the whole look is just stunning. Thank you so much for being a part of Tea Cup Tuesday. So sorry about the linky problem. I promise to do better next week with "Mr. Linky". Blessings, Martha


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