Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ranting on Cyclists

Please bear with me as I vent a little I just have to get this off my chest since I have now had two  incidents in one sever  day period. 

I live in an area that is filled with 'healthy active adults' and one of the many physical pursuits is cycling.  I don't mean a leisurely spin around the block on your zero to ten speed where you pedal backward to stop; I mean thousand dollar bikes with enough gears for an 18 wheeler, special shoes, spandex tight (and some times to my amazement, see-through), usually black and some bright day-glo color outfit, special water bottles and fanny packs, matching gloves and those awful helmets that make you look like you have a deformed pumpkin on your head. 

No questions about it, these people have great calves.  They are stick thin (damnit) and probably have the lung capacity of a manatee.   I have no problem with health, exercise (as long and I don't have to do it) and outdoor activities........HOWEVER, since when did the cyclists get the entire roadway even when there is a perfectly adequate bike lane on the road?  And I have no problem with the road shutting down entirely while they wheel away when we, the locals, are given appropriate and proper notice.  HOWEVER,  when did they stop having to follow the rules of the road on a day-today basis, including stopping and a stop sign, yeilding, using turn signals, being on the correct side of the road and the like.

More than once I have come very, very close to smashing one of these healthy cyclists like a toad on the highway, and often I've almost been run over.  They ride with impunity down the middle of the road at speeds that are way above the posted limit for cars.  They turn in front of oncoming traffic at that speed and then (and I've seen it) flip off a driver that has to slam on their brakes to avoid them.  They sneak up behind  you while you're in the left turn lane and coast past soundlessly with no warning and expect not to get hit.   For all their focus on their health, I am amazed that they are not as careful on their cycle as they probably are in their car. 

So that's my rant for the day.  I should probably keep this to myself, but if you are a cyclist, don't send me hate mail, I admire you, but for cyrin' out loud ride your bicycle like you did when you were 10, not like Lance Armstrong on steroids without any other vehicle within 300 miles. 

Thanks for tolerating me.


  1. haahhhaa...you have the cutest sense of humor. I love coming over and reading!
    I can't even imagine riding my bike (well, if I HAD one) in the middle of the road or anywhere except where I was supposed to. I am such a titty baby, I'd be afraid someone would hit me.
    As for those spandex pants and funky headgear..not for me!!
    Vent all you want to...that's one good thing about blogging!! :))
    xo bj

  2. LOL - Awesome - Vent as much as you need, keeps you from hitting them on purpose!


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