Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Goes On and On

If you asked me about my favorite colors, yellow would definitely not be one of them.  If you look at my tablesettings lately, you'd think yellow was my favorite.  I guess over the years I have collected many things in yellow for springtime and Easter.  Putting them all together in one table makes for a lot of yellow in one place.....  I thought I could put together something whimsical for this year but it isn't working out too well.

I'm only having a total of 8 for Easter this year and it will be on the 11th.  I don't know how all of you do such beautiful tables and fit the food on them.  I never seem to get photos of the food because I'm busy cooking and getting everything ready.   So I set the table early and put alot of 'doo dads' on it that I wouldn't usually add, and that I will probably remove.  It looks really funny to me with all the stuff on it.  But it is Eastery!!!  I can't get too fired up about photos as I don't have the glasses or silverware set yet, but here are a few. 

The egg cups will hold place cards which will probably be a dyed egg with names in crayon.
I really like the little bunny plates.  They are called "Peas and Carrots" and I got them from Marshall's last year right after Easter so it was a thrill to unpack them this year.  I am, however, not so fond of them in this setting, and will probably pick them up and serve dessert on them.
And, of course, all the plastic eggs will go and the dishes filled with something you can actually eat.
I was getting desperate as Easter approached and I didn't have what I thought were suitable napkin rings (I have, indeed, lost my mind).  So, a very, very unusual trip to a Kohls happened and that's where I found these.  They will have to do. 

I must interject something there.  Now, I don't know if it's just me, but I found shopping at Kohls a relatively unpleasant experience because of their so-called shopping carts.  I really didn't appreciate having to stand on my head to get things out of it when I got to the cash register.  I'm sure those behind me in line didn't appreciate the view of me emptying my cart either.  Thankfully, I don't shop at Kohls regularly -  wonder if that's why!?

At any rate, this is as close to the actual finished table as I will probably photo.  I'm not too fond of it for some reason.  Perhaps if I clean it up some........... And I'm not linking it to anything because  it isn't one of my best.

Thanks for looking.  If you really want info on anything you see, don't hesitate to ask.  Perhaps I'll redo it and post that on Thursday.

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