Sunday, April 25, 2010

Always Organizing and Reorganizing

I am participating in Metamorphasis Monday with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.   There are some amazing things on this blog party so check them out. 

I would guess that everyone has storage and organization issues.  I would also guess that those of us with dish, table linen, and glassware collections are especially challenged.  I am constantly reorganizing my collections so that I make sure they are available for use. 

One of my challenges has been cloth napkins.  Especially the ones that don't 'match' a placemat for tablecloth (those are stored together).   Plastic boxes are nice, but I still forget about them even though I have tried to label everything.   I'm also not very tall and if the boxes get shuffled too high, they stay in limbo.  As I was working on my closet the other day I ran across one of those things that hangs in the closet and is supposed to be for shoes and I thought - how perfect.  So here it is on the left side of this photo.

I can't think of the last time I had room on the table for a charger.  I'll have to work on that as I have several of them.
And there was just no room anywhere else for these two sets of dishes. 

These are tablecloths and napkins that match them.  I'm not sure if I like this, but for now it seems to be working and this is one of those low rods.

I don't use cups and saucers all that often, so I put them in plastic bins at the top of the closet and get them out as I need them.  (Oh, if you look to the right you will see I'm not finished with this whole closet yet)

I have other pieces of china that I don't use often (or have room for) as well as some crystal that I got a deal on and haven't even used.

And where to put those votives and tapers for the table.  They are in the plastic boxes right above the rod that is not holding the napkins.
And I thought you might get a kick out of perfect hubby's side. 

He is obviously much taller and much more organized that his short, dish addicted spouse.

Yes, this is a sizeable closet, but I do tend to make it smaller and smaller almost every day!  I have alot more work to do on it.  I found another set of china that is a service for 12 that is really a bargain that I'm considering.  

Thank you for visiting.  And don't forget to check out Between Naps on the Porch for some truly amazing posts.


  1. Everything is so neat. Can you come to my house and make mine that way too:)

  2. How wonderful! I'm ready to come over and play tea party with you! I have become a follower and would be honored if you choose to do the same! until later...

  3. What a wonderful idea about storing napkins! Mine are overflowing the china cabinet drawers, and this would work perfectly for me. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comment!

  4. You asked me what carnival hoops are. They are the things you throw at things at a carnival in order to win a prize. These are old ones that someone stockpiled for some reason. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  5. OMGosh, girl...this is wonderful. I just WISH I could get this organized. I so need to work on it....!! sigh......

  6. Great idea & I love your massive linen collection - very fun! Thanks for stopping by my page this weekend! -diane


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