Monday, March 22, 2010

My New Dishwasher

Our 15 year old dishwasher finally breathed its last.  Naturally, hubby spent hours on the floor trying to pull it apart and make it run.  He though it was briefly brought back to life.  It had given up and I had already started looking for another.   Now granted, I could have gone to one of those home stores and had it delivered and installed in a matter of days and been done with it.  But not at this point in my life. 

As you have probably discovered, I love dishes and glassware.  So, when I saw an add for a dishwasher that could handle 'fine china and crystal' I was definintely interested.  Of course I will probably never put my older stuff in it, but it does have the cycle.  It also has a "starch and cheese" cycle -- I'm not sure, but I don't think I'll ever use that one!

What brand is it?  It's a Miele (pronounced Meela).  Yes, it cost me my entire household budget for the next six months or so; yes, it took about a month to get it delivered, installed and the front panel made to go with the kitchen cabinets; but, so far it was worth the wait.  I LOVE THIS THING.  I'm still learning how to load it, and it has more 'options' than I'll ever use (and in about 30 languages) but I'm hooked.   

It's crazy, I know to being this wierd about a dishwasher for cryin' out loud, but at my age, anything that tickles me this way has to a good thing.  I felt the same way about the Oreck I got many years ago, the standing mixer I finally treated myself to about five years ago, and although I'm still not totally sold on the new food processor I got year before last, I think it will eventually rank right up there once I get used to it.

There is always something fun about a new appliance.  But I confess, I'm still hand-washing what I have always hand washed.  Oh, here it is.  (now I ask you, have you EVER taken a picture of a dishwasher????  I think I've gone over the edge)

I almost forgot one of the most important things about why I was looking at this brand -- it is quiet, quiet, quiet.  We can actually watch TV and even talk while it's running.  Amazing.

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  1. We have Miele appliances and I too have taken pictures of them! The dishwasher is sensational isn't it! We also have the combi-oven and it is one of the best appliances I have ever had! A microwave and convection oven all in one...amazing!!!

    Best wishes for a great weekend,


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