Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Musings

I created a blog and now what. Guess of few self 'confessions' are in order.

My inspiration for even starting a blog began with my beautiful niece. She started a blog about her children and life an it's the greatest thing in the world. I live half a continent away, so I get to keep up with her kids and her life so, even though I'd much rather see them in person, I can watch their progress.

Second inspiration came from my obsession with dishes and glassware. I have found some beautiful photos and incredible photos and if I even learn how to link them to this blog I will include them. Now, don't get all excited thinking that I'm going to come up with awe-inspiring pictures, I am not the most talented person that has ever set a table. Although setting the table is my favorite thing (or one of them). Only problem with that is that you have to cook something (or get very good take-out) to actually use and appreciate the table that you have set.

I don't mind cooking. I am just not good at deciding exactly what to make. Food Network not withstanding, putting together a meal with the sides and all really is an art I think. I don't even mind cleaning up. In fact, I like that part, too. Along that line I'm getting a new dishwasher today and I can't wait. It's a Miele and, although they claim you can wash your fine chine (they aren't so clear about silver) in it, I'm not sure I'm convinced yet. Thankfully, I have enough thrift store finds that I can test it out. Maybe.

Which bring me to another topic. Just about the time I had relative control over my trips to the thrift/junk and antique stores, along comes Ebay. While there is nothing quite as fun as going with my sister to browse, or finding an unusual plate or piece of silver for 50 cents, there is also something to be said for sitting in your comfy chair looking as wonderful photos of patterns and pieces that you never even knew existed. In fact, on Ebay now is a Heren Rothchild soup tureen for $1,325.oo. Can't believe it -- I usually serve my soup out of the $30.00 crock pot. It's beautiful (the tureen, although my crock pot ain't to shabby) but too rich for my blood. I'm watching it, though to see if it really sells. Can you imagine!!!

I'll post my latest found treasures as soon as I figure out how to put pictures on.

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  1. Hi,
    came to ur blog thru ur comments..thanks for visiting...
    I was amazed by this beautiful collections of dishes and glasswares..my god how carefully you store them..



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