Friday, March 26, 2010

A Manly Dinner

One of my hubby's favorite golf buddies came over so, of course, it was necessary to change the cutesy pastel table to something a little more appropriate (and it was a good excuse to reset the table).  Since March has been packed away and I didn't really want to go green; just a little more manly.  Here is what I chose.
It is a little plain, but I like the combination
(I forgot about the lime green candle buckets in the window until I saw this photo)

I really like the smokey glass

Dessert plates all ready for a little chocolate mouse

Thyme was one of the main ingredients in the salmon dish, so what better for a table bouquet

Oops, forgot to turn the flash off

I don't use these square plates much, but I think I like them better the more I use them.

The Tablecloth is an old beige one I've had for a while-it's got a suit like texture that I really like
Plates and bowls are"Simple Dining" from Ross. 
Black napkins came from Bed Bath & Beyond
Flatware is called Tadpole from Pier One from a long time ago
Water Glasses came from Ross and are Karen Neurenburger (I've never found any more of them)
Wine goblets are old Celebrity glass from many years ago
The little grey glass vase I found at a thrift store for less than $2.
Candlestick was a gift several years ago

Thanks for looking and to all those dish and tablecape bloggers who are such an inspration to me on a continuing basis.


  1. This is a very nice "manly" tablesetting -- and that's hard to do -- I know -- I'll have to tell you a funny "manly dish" tale -- before we were married my husband told me "don't pick any sissy flowered dishese -- I don't want to eat off flowers" -- now almost 35 years later he says "Who cares? As long as it tastes good - I don't care what the dishes look like" -- funny how they truly mellow with age.

  2. Oh, I think you did a great job creating a manly table. I really like those square dishes. And the smokey glasses work just right!


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