Saturday, November 14, 2015

I guess I Fail

In light of the tragic events around the world in the past weeks I make the following admissions:

I fail to understand the students and their march asking that they get more things free but are willing to give up their freedom of speech.

I fail to see how changing the picture on my facebook will help those suffering with loss in France, Russia, Lebanon or any other place where murders have taken control for that matter.

I fail to understand why Syrians are leaving their country rather than fight what we are told are minorities in their country.  I would not walk the four blocks to town if my home was theatened.

I fail to understand how making speeches and going to meetings is going to end terrorism.

I fail to comprehend how tolerating antisocial behavior is going to make us as better as a people.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Confessions of a Potty Mouth

I am a potty mouth.

My mother was not a potty mouth,  my father was not a potty mouth,  my siblings are not potty mouths, my husband is not a potty mouth and most of my friends are not potty mouths.  I was not a potty mouth in college.  I was not a potty mouth through two marriages.   I do not think I know anyone I would call a potty mouth.

I am the potty mouth. 

I am not sure when it happened.  I think it happened when the business I worked for got sued, but I am not sure.

I  cannot bear foul language used around children or elders.  I don't like it used in business or public settings and I sure do not want someone using foul language when they are dealing with me about something.  I do not like it in movies or internet postings.  I think it is a sign of ignorance, poor education and/or lack of respect.

I do not swear in public or around my grandchildren.  I did drop an F bomb at Thanksgiving dinner one year.  (I will never live that down) (and I blame too much wine)   All in all I try to be careful.

That said, I am still a potty mouth

 I can scarcely believe how I talk.  It sometimes frightens me.  I am not talking about an occasional damn, hell or sh-t.  I am talking about the worst of the worst.  I sometimes amaze myself. 

I  swear at "things" alot.  Mostly inanimate things.  Appliances that do not work are privy to my colorful outbursts.  Also television.  I can curse an entire show or just a few members of it.  News is particularly conducive to my potty mouth.  Things I cannot figure out or comprehend ( and there are lots of those) are subject to my potty mouthedness.

I swear when I am driving.   Not other people that are driving, just at driving in general.

I swear at my dogs.   I swear at myself.

I do not have to be angry to swear.  I do not have to be in a bad mood, upset or hurt to swear.

I wish I wasn't a potty mouth.   I wish I could go back to the years that I can remember I was not a potty mouth. 

I am a potty mouth.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Price of A Southerner in California

I have lived in California since 1980.  You would think that in all that time I would have learned the differences that make California folks ..... well, different.

For instance.  Our neighbor just had a new baby.  So, being the good Southern raised gal that I am (or can be when I am in the mood) I turned on the oven to make a cupcakes, a potato casserole and a slaw salad.  The whole nut and nut allergy thing is pretty easy to work around.

I stopped short of providing ham or fried chicken because this IS California and you never know.

You never know if the folks are vegetarian and if so, are they vegan, laco-ovo or pescatarian.

You never know if they are not eaters of milk products.  Do they eat cheese?  Are they opposed to sour cream?

You never know if they have children do they allow their kids to have cake?  Or frosting? 

Are they on board with the whole gluten free thing (whatever that is)?

Will they be disgusted because there is butter on the potatoes? 

So now I have a kitchen full of food and I am second guessing taking it down the street.

Life for a Southern Gal gets harder by the year.

I will just have a cupcake and call it good.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Legalized Crazy

I consider myself fairly tolerant of others and the habits of others.  Whatever you decide to do is OK by me as long as you leave me out of your drama and don't hurt anyone else. 

But my conservative side is coming out when it comes to "legal" marijuana.  I know that legal or not, most people smoke it.  So I am around people who are "high" most of the time.  Grocery store, gas station, Costco, etc.  I get it.

I lived through the 60s and 70s.   I know for a fact that I am not as tolerant of pot heads anymore.  To be fair, I am also not as tolerant of drunks and stupid people either. 

Does legalizing the stuff mean that anyone can get it anywhere?  Does it mean that they now have a test of some kind that shows the level of your highness (?) or impairment when you are behind the wheel or teaching kids?

In an age when the government wants to dictate so much I find it interesting that marijuana is treated like the holy grail.  You can't have a 32 oz soda, but you can have a joint.  Fighting obesity is all the craze in this country.  So how do you suppose they are going to take care of the "munchies"?  Probably another ban on ding dongs or a twinkie tax.

 Does it mean that in a few years we are going to put "pot heads" who cannot hold a job because they are loaded all the time on Social Security Disability payments like we do drunks.  Will you be able to get it with food stamps?  Will smoking pot be a disease?  What will they call it?  Potaholism? Weedabetic? 

How long before there are multi million dollar lawsuits against a somebody because they did not disclose to the unsuspecting smoker that there might be a down side to smoking weed regularly.

Will employers have to provide reasonable accommodation for pot smoke breaks?  Will there have to be a separate area for pot smokers since the smoke is not supposed to be as toxic as cigarettes?  Will you be able to smoke it in public areas?   Will it be legal to smoke it in the car with your kids in the car?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Call it what it is

Ok, so let me see.....it is violent extremism we are fighting,  so, if the extremism is not violent, then it is not a problem.  That works for me.

I tend to be an extremist.   I do not own ONE of anything.  I never have ONE cookie, ONE drink, or ONE hershey bar.

If I find a blouse or pair of shoes that works, I will get it in every color, especially if it is one sale.  I buy underwear by the package, not one at a time.  Same thing with socks.

By the same token, I do not do one sit up.  Or go on one five mile walk.  In fact, I think I am allergic to exertion altogether.  I mean, if I exercise I have a bad reaction.  I get sweaty, short of breath and flushed.  That can't be good.

And further, I either do all the dirty dishes or none of them.  I either vacuum the whole room or none of it.  I either brush all my hair or none of it.

I think I am an definitely an extremist.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Outrage. Or Not

I do not understand.

I am deeply saddened and sickened by the murder of the Jordanian fighter pilot.  He was shot down and was a prisoner of war.  The world is outraged by his murder, as well they should be.  I guess the terrorists have done enough finally.  They have finally crossed the line.  For today anyway.

Where was the outrage for the journalists, non combatants, that were beheaded?  Was that not gruesome enough?  I guess we have taught the terrorists that their atrocities have to increase exponentially in horror to get the attention they want.

Are we really so used to seeing violence and horror that we just look the other way unless it is something 'new'.  Have we forgotten that people have been burned to death in the past?  Have we forgotten that beheading was the method of execution in the past?  Have we forgotten the gladiators, the Christians and the lions, public hangings, the Salem killings, the death camps and mass genocides of the past?  I do not understand why we love to repeat the past; not the good things of the past, but the most destructive things.  Heck, it looks like we even want to bring measles back. 

We are horrified when a brutal psychopathic killer is given a lethal injection, but public acts of brutality have no effect.  

The outrage will pass I am sure, and the brutality will get worse.  Will we never learn?

How very sad.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Paris March

I understand there was a march in Paris over the weekend.  I also hear that here is a huge hoopla about whether or not the U.S. was represented appropriately. 

I think it is telling that our "leaders" (and I use the term loosely) were absent.  What I find even more telling is the excuses given for their various absences.

The leaders of our country can drone someone across the globe; they can affect the world-wide climate; they can dictate health insurance to the entire population of the country; they can make millions of people citizens of the nation with the stroke of a pen; but the supposed leader of the free world cannot mobilize his minions to get him to Paris.  The best military on the planet cannot make sure that he will be safe on the streets of Paris along with leaders from all over the world. 

It is easy to send representatives to Missouri.

No one could be bothered to go.  If the leader of this country had wanted to be represented he would have been represented.  Obviously, he did not want to be represented. 

Just as well.  He would probably have chewed gum through the entire thing anyway.